How much time do I need to invest to benefit from Building a Second Brain?

We’ve designed BASB Foundation and the BASB Membership to fit your schedule and pace.

While you can watch the BASB Foundation videos in just a few hours, we highly recommend that you follow the implementation steps to put the BASB system into practice.

It will take some time and effort to implement, but ultimately, building and leveraging your Second Brain will save you countless hours.

When you’re joining the BASB Membership, you’ll also receive access to our live Cohorts which are more intensive learning experiences delivered in real time.

Although we make replays of all sessions available, and you can always rewatch them afterward, we strongly recommend that you attend the live sessions to fully benefit from the live learning experience.

Overall, you should plan on spending around 5 hours per week for the 3 weeks of the live Cohort, including:

• 1.5 hours per week attending the live session hosted by Tiago (or watching the replay)
• 2 hours per week engaging with your peers on Circle, our community platform
• 1-2 hours per week implementing what you learn

In between Cohorts, we offer weekly Membership events that you can join, such as Workshops, Q&As with Tiago, and Virtual Meetups. Some members organize additional events that you can join, and you are welcome to host your own as well.

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