What will I learn in the cohort?

You'll learn a step-by-step process to consistently turn the information you consume into creative output and concrete results. Each live session of the course focuses on a different aspect of the CODE method: 

Live Session 1: Capture your best ideas and the crucial information in your life

  • Identify and overcome the most common limiting beliefs around productivity, thinking, and learning in the Information Age.
  • Set up your digital capture system with clear criteria for what is worth saving in your Second Brain and what isn’t. 
  • Discover why you need to build a digital notetaking system even though you can “google” anything. 
  • Escape the “reactivity loop” and learn how to manage information overload. This will have a direct positive impact on your physical and mental health.
  • Choose the best digital tools for you and stop jumping from one “shiny object” to the next.
  • Identify your personal priorities using the “12 Favorite Problems,” a simple exercise inspired by Nobel prize-winning scientist Richard Feynman. 

Live Session 2: Organize your ideas for insight and easy access 

  • Turn your apps into "thinking tools" that allow you to access brain power you didn't even know you had. 
  • Organize your digital life in minutes with our PARA method – a favorite among Second Brainers.
  • Set up your Second Brain as a dynamic system that evolves along with your needs and priorities. 
  • Discover the incredible power of an up-to-date Project List, with in-depth feedback and guidance on how to create one for yourself.

Live Session 3: Distill your notes to make them easily discoverable 

  • Find out why digital notetaking is nothing like what you did in high school and how it can explode your productivity.
  • Design your notes in a way that makes them easily discoverable for your future self, saving you a lot of time. 
  • Learn a technique called Progressive Summarization to make sure your biggest insights are always front and center. 
  • Train your intuition to decide what's important and what's not in the moment.

Live Session 4: Express your ideas and turn them into concrete results

  • Switch your default approach from “heavy lifts” to "slow burns" to escape the rat race of trying to work harder and longer than everyone else. 
  • Turn raw material into knowledge assets – a valuable treasury of knowledge for a side project, career advancement, or new business.
  • Use the concept of Intermediate Packets to completely transform your approach to productivity. Never start anything from scratch again. 
  • Become interruption-proof and get better and faster feedback than you ever thought possible.  
  • Escape any creative roadblock or dead-end with the principles of divergence and convergence.

Graduates of Building a Second Brain walk away with a wide variety of benefits, from reduced stress and indecision to dramatically higher levels of creative confidence and reaching goals they never thought possible.

You can find testimonials and case studies from our alumni here

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