Where can I find testimonials from alumni?

Check our Wall of Love for testimonials and case studies from our graduates (in text and video form).

They share what they got out of the course, how their life has changed since, and what their favorite part was. 

Here are just a few: 

BASB has literally changed my life. Every time I take this course I get a new job that's more specialized and better aligned with my goals and beliefs. 
– Camila Holanda, Designer, Researcher & Futurist

After taking BASB, I feel 1000X more productive and have a system that gets a lot done for me.
– Yaw Owusu-Ansah, WordPress Developer

After BASB, my thoughts are clearer and my writing has improved. It's already allowed me to create things I never would have considered before this course.
– Tamisha O'Neal, Board-certified Cosmetologist

The BASB course has made me more confident in handling what life throws at me and being more effective in expressing myself.
– Dennis Nehrenheim, Software Engineer & Blogger

BASB has reduced my stress levels. I now feel less scattered and more directed.
– Sheila Glesmann, Owner of Emission Strategies, Inc.

I feel as though I have increased my IQ by 20 points. Of course this isn't true, but it feels this way because I am thinking so much more clearly and with so much more relaxation and concentration.
– Rob Joseph, Fractional CFO

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