What's included in the Membership?

Join the Membership at any time to access:

  • BASB Foundation, a self-paced course teaching the fundamentals of the BASB methodology, incl. guided implementation steps and support to choose and set up your notetaking tool
  • Live Cohorts that are run each quarter, with 4 Cohorts per year, to accelerate your progress in 3-week sprints
  • 4 interactive live sessions per Cohort with options for all time zones
  • Private members-only learning community on Circle with some of the most dedicated Personal Knowledge Management practitioners in the world 
  • Personalized support from our Alumni Moderators to help you implement your Second Brain in your notetaking app of choice
  • Weekly live events and monthly Q&As with Tiago to continuously support you on your journey and keep you updated on PKM developments
  • An exclusive newsletter for members with bi-monthly updates on what's going on in the community

Think of this as your “all-access pass” to the best of the Second Brain Universe. 

It’s your passport to a global community of talented, curious, inspiring human beings who are harnessing the two most powerful forces in the world – knowledge and technology.

It’s a mastermind concentrating the collective brainpower of diverse creators, students, freelancers, parents, life-long learners, productivity experts, and so many others in one grand gathering.

All of this for only $1,999 per year or $749 per quarter.

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