Are you looking for collaborators?

Yes, we are looking for collaborators, specifically for our YouTube channel

Our 5-year goal for YouTube is to build an Open Source Library of Alexandria for the PKM world.

We genuinely believe that every person in the world should have the chance to create a Second Brain – a personal system of knowledge management – of their own.

But the Library of Alexandria didn’t feature the works of ONE prolific author. 

It was a grand collection: thousands of unique perspectives – people digging deep into their obsessions, distilling their insights for the rest of the world. 

So, if you are:

  • A creator with a significant audience on YouTube or another platform (Let’s collaborate on a video! We’ll come to you – or invite you to our Los Angeles studio!)
  • A PKM expert who regularly shares your expertise in a specific notetaking app, framework, or productivity philosophy – in public, OR as a coach or consultant (Let’s feature you in a video or a video series on our channel!)
  • A creative, professional, or any individual who has used your Second Brain in a creative way to enhance your life in a unique or interesting way (Let’s find a way to share your story on our channel or blog!)
  • Someone with insight or access to the productivity or notetaking routines of famous creators, professionals, or public figures (Let’s create a video sharing those insights broadly!)
  • A creative (editor, animator, designer, writer) who wants to help us build one of the largest and best free resources for notetaking and digital productivity in the coming years (Let’s make amazing videos!)

We want to hear from you. Let’s make this happen!

You can read more about our YouTube strategy and vision here

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