Do you still offer the Praxis Membership?

We've decided to shut down the Praxis Membership in August 2022.

Over the last several years, the support from Praxis members enabled Tiago to focus on producing the absolute best content he could. With your financial and moral support, he published 85 exclusive articles and videos, along with hundreds of public articles.

We're deeply moved and grateful for how much you’ve believed in us and our ideas. Now we’re entering a new chapter, and it’s time to retire the Praxis paywall (and the Praxis brand as a whole).

We stopped all recurring payments as of August 8, 2022, and will refund all payments made in the 60 days prior to that. If you purchased an annual membership within the last 6 months, we’ll refund that, too. (Please allow 30 days for us to process the refund.)

From now on, all previously paywalled articles and videos will become free, public content.

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