How do I learn more about the Second Brain system?

Below you’ll find a set of BASB resources that will help to introduce core concepts, so you can get started learning right away. The illustrations in the last link are particularly helpful:

  • This interview Tiago did with the Keep Productive channel will provide you with some insights about the BASB system (similar content also on Tiago’s YouTube channel)
  • Tiago’s blog also has plenty of free articles on Building a Second Brain, Information Capture, and the PARA system (ex: The PARA Method)
  • David Perell and Tiago’s podcast episode on the future of education is a two-hour philosophical look at how education, note-taking, and creativity are being transformed in the Information Age.
  • You can check out the new Building a Second Brain podcast for a great overview of the course principles (all episodes are less than 10 min long).
  • Finally, this illustrated guide is thorough and informative: BASB Illustrated
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